Who is ISCO?

November, 2016

Inside ISCO: Peter Kamdoum, Plant Manager - Inside ISCO

Say hello to Peter Kamdoum, plant manager of ISCO’s Baton Rouge facility! Peter has been with ISCO for a year and eight months. He started as a field technician and worked in the shop before becoming the manager in Baton Rouge. He’s a mechanic by trade with a degree in process. His favorite part of working at ISCO is the new and different challenges of each day. “So many fabrications we do are unique and…

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May, 2016

Welcome to the new ISCO Insider! -

Here at ISCO, we provide pipe…high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe, to be specific. But, we’re so much more than that! From our deeply-rooted history, to the brilliant people who make up our company today, we’re a dynamic recipe of family, dedication, and innovation. We’re inventors, engineers, communicators, and so much more. Best of all, we can work for you. ISCO Insider is a chance to see what we’re working on and learn more about the people…

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