March, 2018

Snap-Tite® Thread-Liner Provides Convenient Solution in an Emergency - Snap-Tite

Have you heard about Snap-Tite’s Thread-Liner pipe? Allow us to fill you in. This is the tight-squeeze, need-a-fix-now, but-what-about-the-traffic solution. In Redmond, Washington, crews were facing an emergency situation with a storm drain running under a busy road. Road collapse: obviously not an option. But, neither was disrupting traffic, digging up the road, and replacing the drain. Extensive, expensive, not ideal. This is where Thread-Liner comes in. Snap-Tite provided 16-inch, 2.5 foot lengths that could…

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May, 2016

Don’t Trample the Pansies… - Snap-Tite

Have you ever landscaped a yard? Even if you’re not doing the hard labor yourself, it’s tough work! Imagine getting your yard just the way you want it, filled with the trees and flowers you selected, carefully tended to and water, only to have to rip it all out of the ground because of a failed culvert. That was the predicament down in Houma, Louisiana. At the back of a property on a cul-de-sac in…

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