May, 2018

PE-RT and HDPE: The Piping Power Couple for Chilled and Hot Water Lines -

[gallery columns="5" ids="913,914,910,911,912,909,908"] One hospital serves as the only Level 1 Trauma Center for the entire region surrounding Tucson, Arizona. Can you imagine the kind of traffic that hospital sees on a daily basis? Inordinate amounts. After a merger, the hospital decided to expand to be able to treat more patients. However, construction around a hospital is a tricky thing. It can’t shut down and it can’t be difficult to reach. So, contractors need to…

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September, 2017

Hot And Cold: A Poly For Both Needs At Texas A&M - Field Report

Texas A&M is a huge school. We’re talking 60,000 students strong. The campus is spread out all over College Station, Texas. At any given time, students are coming and going, studying and experimenting. It’s a bustling town amongst itself. When it comes to water service, the distribution crew defines a job well done by remaining virtually invisible to the students and faculty. They work hard to keep interruptions to a minimum. For decades, they used…

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