November, 2016


PP-RCT is the newest generation of random copolymer polypropylene (PP-R) that is joined with the most reliable process in the world, heat fusion. The heat fusion process creates a monolithic piping system that will never leak or corrode and has a service life of up to 100 years. Since 1962, ISCO has promoted the advantages and benefits of thermoplastic piping, including high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and PP-RCT. Our innovative solutions create long-term, win-win relationships for owners…

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Inside ISCO: Peter Kamdoum, Plant Manager - Inside ISCO

Say hello to Peter Kamdoum, plant manager of ISCO’s Baton Rouge facility! Peter has been with ISCO for a year and eight months. He started as a field technician and worked in the shop before becoming the manager in Baton Rouge. He’s a mechanic by trade with a degree in process. His favorite part of working at ISCO is the new and different challenges of each day. “So many fabrications we do are unique and…

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Making Geo Moves in MI! -

Big things are happening in the geothermal world in Michigan! ISCO has been working with the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGHSPA), the developmental agency for the geothermal industry, to create a heat fusion certification in tandem with the ISCO fusion certification. ISCO is proud to be the first company to work with IGHSPA to offer this unique certification for our customers.  This week, geothermal reps Stuart Lyle and James Taylor wrapped up the first…

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ISCO Supplies Record Breaking HDD Project - Municipal

Dozens of people lined the street. Up and down Euclid Avenue, less than a mile from Miami’s famous South Beach, crowds were forming. With camera phones at the ready, they watched a 54-inch high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe readied and pulled underground. ISCO Industries’ sales rep Bryan Fletcher had been working for months with the contractor on the job to provide HDPE, equipment, and field technicians to make this incredible job a reality. Most onlookers had…

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October, 2016

Victory in Utah - Municipal

When you turn on the faucet, do you ever even consider that water might not come out? Think of all the things you need water for throughout the day. Now, extrapolate that into what a business would need for a day. Or an entire industry. If that tap runs dry, the economy would shrivel up. That was a looming reality for several water districts in northeastern Utah. In one district, one tank was down to fewer than…

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May, 2016

Innovation in a Tight Space - Waterworks

It’s a problem we hear fairly often, a job spec’d with steel comes in so far over budget, the cost becomes prohibitive. In some instances, not only is high-density polyethylene (HDPE) a more cost-effective choice, it’s a better quality choice as well. At the Ohio State University Medical Center, a pipeline was planned to connect the facility to a new chilled water plant. Initially, the engineer decided on 36-inch insulated steel. When the estimate came…

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Welcome to the new ISCO Insider! -

Here at ISCO, we provide pipe…high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe, to be specific. But, we’re so much more than that! From our deeply-rooted history, to the brilliant people who make up our company today, we’re a dynamic recipe of family, dedication, and innovation. We’re inventors, engineers, communicators, and so much more. Best of all, we can work for you. ISCO Insider is a chance to see what we’re working on and learn more about the people…

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