Field Report

September, 2019

ISCO tackles Industry First in Tennessee CCR -

We pulled up to the job site before the sun rose. In the darkness, it was already bustling with activity. The task at hand was building several thousands of feet of HDPE pipeline to bring a utility company into compliance with new EPA regulations for coal combustion residuals. As the crew waited for daylight to make an appearance, they gathered in a room and reviewed their safety standards and protocols while discussing their priorities for…

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October, 2018

Snap-Tite Saves Millions on Statewide Rehab Project - Snap-Tite

The Arizona Department of Transportation (AZ DOT) had a busy year. They had projects going on roadways across the state. As part of the road work, the AZ DOT discovered there was a dire need to replace multiple culverts that were teetering dangerously close to catastrophic failure. That’s when they called in Granite Construction and Snap-Tite. Using lengths of HDPE pipe with the patented Snap-Tite ends, Granite was able to rehabilitate the culverts so fast,…

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March, 2018

Snap-Tite® Thread-Liner Provides Convenient Solution in an Emergency - Snap-Tite

Have you heard about Snap-Tite’s Thread-Liner pipe? Allow us to fill you in. This is the tight-squeeze, need-a-fix-now, but-what-about-the-traffic solution. In Redmond, Washington, crews were facing an emergency situation with a storm drain running under a busy road. Road collapse: obviously not an option. But, neither was disrupting traffic, digging up the road, and replacing the drain. Extensive, expensive, not ideal. This is where Thread-Liner comes in. Snap-Tite provided 16-inch, 2.5 foot lengths that could…

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September, 2017

ISCO and Victaulic Team Up For Saltwater Disposal - Field Report

Inside ISCO, you’ll hear the word “solutions” flying around the room quite a bit. That’s because we’re not just about pushing a product, we want to work with our customers to craft a perfect answer to whatever question mark is looming over their project. We’ve developed partnerships that support that mission and expanded our ever-growing library of solutions. In North Dakota, McKenzie Energy Partners, LLC was looking for a long-lasting piping system for a new…

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March, 2017

ISCO Sends Talon 2000 to California! -

For the first time in the world, ISCO sent their new Talon 2000 from McElroy out to a jobsite in northern California. An almond farm losing thousands of trees to the drought that's gripped the area desperately needed a reliable source of water. ISCO worked with Rain for Rent to supply 13,000 feet of 54-inch HDPE for the two and a half mile pipeline. The Talon made the job safer, the fusion work quicker, and the…

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February, 2017

If We Had a Middle Name, It Would Be Innovation - Municipal

Brotcke Well & Pump, Inc. (BWP) has been providing professional water well and pump services to municipal, industrial and commercial clients for more than 30 years. BWP’s dedication and attention to detail have resulted in an excellent reputation. Their customers rely on them to keep their water wells and pumps operating efficiently. BWP’s custom approach to every job will be immediately evident because they combine a best-practices approach tempered with an eye for innovation. The results…

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November, 2016


PP-RCT is the newest generation of random copolymer polypropylene (PP-R) that is joined with the most reliable process in the world, heat fusion. The heat fusion process creates a monolithic piping system that will never leak or corrode and has a service life of up to 100 years. Since 1962, ISCO has promoted the advantages and benefits of thermoplastic piping, including high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and PP-RCT. Our innovative solutions create long-term, win-win relationships for owners…

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Inside ISCO: Peter Kamdoum, Plant Manager - Inside ISCO

Say hello to Peter Kamdoum, plant manager of ISCO’s Baton Rouge facility! Peter has been with ISCO for a year and eight months. He started as a field technician and worked in the shop before becoming the manager in Baton Rouge. He’s a mechanic by trade with a degree in process. His favorite part of working at ISCO is the new and different challenges of each day. “So many fabrications we do are unique and…

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ISCO Supplies Record Breaking HDD Project - Municipal

Dozens of people lined the street. Up and down Euclid Avenue, less than a mile from Miami’s famous South Beach, crowds were forming. With camera phones at the ready, they watched a 54-inch high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe readied and pulled underground. ISCO Industries’ sales rep Bryan Fletcher had been working for months with the contractor on the job to provide HDPE, equipment, and field technicians to make this incredible job a reality. Most onlookers had…

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October, 2016

Victory in Utah - Municipal

When you turn on the faucet, do you ever even consider that water might not come out? Think of all the things you need water for throughout the day. Now, extrapolate that into what a business would need for a day. Or an entire industry. If that tap runs dry, the economy would shrivel up. That was a looming reality for several water districts in northeastern Utah. In one district, one tank was down to fewer than…

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