ISCO tackles Industry First in Tennessee CCR

We pulled up to the job site before the sun rose. In the darkness, it was already bustling with activity. The task at hand was building several thousands of feet of HDPE pipeline to bring a utility company into compliance with new EPA regulations for coal combustion residuals. As the crew waited for daylight to make an appearance, they gathered in a room and reviewed their safety standards and protocols while discussing their priorities for the day.

Once they stepped outside, with the sun painting the sky in pale pinks and blues, ISCO’s McElroy equipment was prepped and ready for fusing. But, this wasn’t any job, this was a Talon project. For the first time, tech were attempting to fuse a 90 degree turn in the pipe with the massive machine.

In the end, the project was completed with less equipment and manpower. Take a look at the field report below for all the details on this first-of-its-kind project!

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