PE-RT and HDPE: The Piping Power Couple for Chilled and Hot Water Lines

One hospital serves as the only Level 1 Trauma Center for the entire region surrounding Tucson, Arizona. Can you imagine the kind of traffic that hospital sees on a daily basis? Inordinate amounts. After a merger, the hospital decided to expand to be able to treat more patients. However, construction around a hospital is a tricky thing. It can’t shut down and it can’t be difficult to reach. So, contractors need to find better, more efficient methods for getting the job done.

The hospital is building a new 11-story tower that connects to a new central chiller plant. Builders needed a piping system that they could install under an operational building and roadway with no disruptions to work or traffic patterns.

That’s where ISCO comes in with HDPE for the chilled water lines and a new product, PE-RT, for the hot water lines. The pipe is strong and reliable, but flexible enough to be drilled 25 feet underground and back up in a 400-foot span. A seamless solution that will serve this new structure well. Read the field report on this project to learn more about the benefits of horizontal direction drilling with PE-RT and HDPE and the solutions ISCO provided to get the job done.

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