If We Had a Middle Name, It Would Be Innovation

Brotcke Well & Pump, Inc. (BWP) has been providing professional water well and pump services to municipal, industrial and commercial clients for more than 30 years. BWP’s dedication and attention to detail have resulted in an excellent reputation. Their customers rely on them to keep their water wells and pumps operating efficiently.

BWP’s custom approach to every job will be immediately evident because they combine a best-practices approach tempered with an eye for innovation. The results can be measured by their satisfied customers. Very similar to ISCO’s innovative approach with our customers.

BWP contacted ISCO sales rep Shaun Parker for a solution to a reoccurring problem with their portable tank/pump. One the original rectangular steel tank units was in their service fleet for about 10 years now (see pictures). Because of the products used in the processes, the steel tanks had not had a very good lifespan and posed a constant maintenance issue. BWP was interested in fabricating a complete new unit using a material that is more resistant to the corrosive effects of their products. At the time, they were considering several options including stainless steel and HDPE materials for the construction of a new combination injection tank/pump.

In BWP’s rehabilitation services they primarily use muriatic acid/water solutions, chlorine/water solutions, and sodium tripolyphosphate solutions. The solutions are pumped at a high volume but a moderate pressure. The capacity of the tank would be 3000 gal and the size of the piping would be 8-inches and 6-inches. There would be numerous valves to direct the flow of product into the tank for mixing, or diverted to the well cavity for the injection process. The tank would be mounted onto a trailer and be arranged with an engine/pump combination to provide a mobile self-contained piece of equipment. At no time would the tank be filled with any product during transit to and from the job sites. It would also have auxiliary stabilizing jacks to support the weight of the product while in use on site.

With the help of ISCO’s technical assistance and production planning departments, Shaun began the process of helping BWP design an HDPE tank for BWP’s specific application. After months of design hurdles and challenges both parties agreed to produce the innovative HDPE structure.

The combination injection tank/pump has now traveled to many job sites for the past couple of years, providing solutions for clients all over North America. In fact, BWP was so impressed with the performance of HDPE product, quality and craftsmanship of ISCO fabrication services that a second tank has been ordered, has been built and currently in service.

It’s not just pipe, we’re all about solutions.