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Here at ISCO, we provide pipe…high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe, to be specific. But, we’re so much more than that! From our deeply-rooted history, to the brilliant people who make up our company today, we’re a dynamic recipe of family, dedication, and innovation. We’re inventors, engineers, communicators, and so much more. Best of all, we can work for you.

ISCO Insider is a chance to see what we’re working on and learn more about the people who make the wheels turn. We hope to provide content that shows what we’re capable of accomplishing. We also want this to be a place to learn more about HDPE and fusion and how they can advance a project.

ISCO Industries started with an idea and an opportunity. For years, Jim Kirchdorfer, Sr. owned and operated the hardware store his father built in the heart of Louisville, Ky. in 1905. In 1962, he branched out into the irrigation world, mainly golf courses, to begin, and created the Kirchdorfer Irrigation Company. About a decade later, he entered the municipal supply industry and named his company ISCO (Irrigation Supply Company).

Over the years, innovation, hard work, and strategic development have positioned ISCO as the leading supplier of HDPE globally. With more than 40 locations in 7 countries, we help build the pipelines that supply the world. We have decades of experience in multiple markets including municipal and industrial, energy, geothermal, golf, landfill, marine, mining, nuclear, and more.

We’re continually growing and changing, staying ahead of the diverse needs of the pipeline industry. We hope that innovation is reflected in what you see here on ISCO Insider.

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