Innovation in a Tight Space

It’s a problem we hear fairly often, a job spec’d with steel comes in so far over budget, the cost becomes prohibitive. In some instances, not only is high-density polyethylene (HDPE) a more cost-effective choice, it’s a better quality choice as well.

At the Ohio State University Medical Center, a pipeline was planned to connect the facility to a new chilled water plant. Initially, the engineer decided on 36-inch insulated steel. When the estimate came in over budget, the design was changed from steel to HDPE. One decision that pulled into play the more affordable, time-saving, and insulation attributes of the pipe.

ISCO was ready to get to work on the pipeline. But, there were still challenges to overcome. The installation was in a tight, deep space, working around several existing utilities. This is where you want a company that doesn’t just provide pipe. They should provide solutions, well-rounded solutions.

To install the dual, 42-inch pipes around an active hospital, ISCO had to create a whole new machine. When the solution to a problem isn’t even in existence yet, ISCO will build it. Mechanics developed a two-jaw, in-hole fusion unit to fuse the 42-inch DR11 pipe, 30 feet down in the trenches.

That specialized expertise set ISCO apart. We provided leak-free, corrosion-free HDPE backed by that experience. That’s a pretty solid deal. The success of this project led to several subsequent projects including 30-inch and 20-inch diameter system upgrades. Click the link below to check out the full report.

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