High-Density Polyethylene: The Pipeline to Greener Pastures

Milk…it does a body good, right? In this case, it does an entire country good. New Zealand depends on the $13.5 billion in export earnings from dairy to keep their economy afloat. Several season of dry winds and below-average rainfall mean that now, more than ever, it is crucial for farmers to work smarter not harder.

That’s where ISCO comes in. We’re helping farmers advance the way they irrigate, moving away from the traditional open channels to intelligent pipelines decked out with technology to track every drop of water. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) joined via heat fusion is durable, flexible pipe that won’t corrode or leak. No more loss to evaporation. No more seepage. No more inaccurate deliveries. No more long transport times.

The Ashburton Lyndhurst Irrigation Scheme will distribute water through a network of races to its shareholder members who farm 30,000 hectares (more than 74,000 acres) of land on the Canterbury Plains of the country’s South Island. It will help protect New Zealand’s top export and multi-billion dollar industry.

With physical locations around the world and projects spread even farther across the globe, ISCO is always positioned to provide the best service, no matter how remote the jobsite. In this case, ISCO worked with McElroy to bring fusion equipment that had never before been used in the country to the jobsite. It was imperative to be able to work through all weather conditions to stay on schedule, so a QuickCamp™ was set up on the site to allow fusion in wind, rain, heat, cold, snow…whatever Mother Nature has tucked up her sleeve.

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